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Tuscany/Hidden Valley Pickleballers!

From Owner Don Means:

I am hoping to gauge interest in establishing a set time(s) for organized “pick-up” pickleball play at our community center tennis/pickleball courts. I have received approval from the HOA Board to set aside time at the courts on a trial basis for this purpose. So, I would (1) first like to gauge level of interest in such activity and (2) solicit preferences for the best/most convenient  time for same. I was thinking either a weekday afternoon (Wednesday?) or something on the weekend (morning or afternoon).

All skill levels are welcome. Please let me know if you are interested and what times would work best for you. You may e-mail me at don.m@comcast.net.

Pool/Spa Heater:

The Pool and Spa will be heated and open as of this Friday with no restrictions. The Pre-Covid rules are linked for your reference:  Pool/SpaRules

Please ensure your entire family is aware of these rules.  A reminder - we do have security cameras in place and hopefully all owners and guest are respectful in their use of the pool & spa.

Let's have a great & safe summer!

Dog Fecal Matter

The is another reminder to make sure you pick up after your dog.